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Wish Local

Wish Local iconoTHE WISH LOCAL APP IS FOR RETAILER PARTNERS ONLY.Partner with Wish Local to grow your business! Sign up at www.wishlocal.com.Please note the Wish Local app is NOT the main Wish consumer app. Consumers, please download the Wish app. Only use this app if you have already been approved as Wish Local partner with a physical retail location.How it worksAs a Wish Local Partner Store, you act as a pickup location for Wish purchases. Wish has over 500 million customers and one of the most downloaded shopping apps in over 40+ countries. Many of our customers enjoy picking up their packages in person.Joining Wish Local is a great way to bring new, relevant consumers into your store!Boost your foot trafficServe as a pickup location for Wish orders and get new customers in your door. Customers often end up buying additional items from your store, so you can earn extra income. Participating stores also receive a small stipend for each pickup they complete.Luis, who runs Expo Home Decor in Miami, has already seen success with the program. He describes one of his pickup experiences below: “While picking up two diffusers, one customer noticed that our store smelled great and asked what product we were using. On top of their Wish Pickup order, they ended up buying 6 items including the scent sachets we use in our store, essential oils for the Wish diffusers, and some items that were near checkout!”Reach new usersFrom Miami to Berlin to Paris, Wish has millions of users all around the world. Gain new customers near your area.Partner with Wish Local to grow your business.Joining is easy and free! Simply sign up and download the app or learn more at www.wishlocal.com.See for yourself how the program works on our Youtube channel: Wish Local.

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