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Webgenie SWF & Flash Player – Flash Browser

  • APP : Webgenie SWF & Flash Player – Flash Browser
  • Requisitos : Android
  • Desarrollador : Home
  • Categoría : Reproductores y editores de vídeo

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Webgenie SWF & Flash Player – Flash Browser

Webgenie SWF & Flash Player – Flash Browser iconoWebgenie SWF & Flash Player can play Flash Games and Videos on Android *WITHOUT* install any other Plugins and it can browser webpage on internet to play flash game and video.**IMPORTANT**Since the Flash Player based Android has been out of maintenance for many years, it can no longer run on the latest Android (7.0 and above), so we have launched two versions app1. (v2.0.0 ~ )Flash Player emulator run on Android WebView, Based on the latest WebAssembly technology, it is necessary for Android phones to update the Android WebView Library that comes with the mobile phone to the latest version, it can simulate and run simple SWF games and videos. Currently, Joystick and Virtual Buttons are not supported. If the white screen is displayed, you can try to restart the app and try again.2. ( ~ v1.6.x)The player based on the Flash Player library which has stopped maintenance, this library has been packed in and the player supports all the functions described below. v1.6.4 supports Android 4.0 to 6.0, and v1.6.3 supports Android 7.0. Android 8.0 and above devices are not supported.It support *Gamepad*(Joystick and Virtual Buttons), let you play flash games more easily.It support *Video Controller*, you can play, pause and seek when watching flash video.It support "WebPage" which contains flash, you can use GamePad and virtual buttons to play.It's a Flash Browser which can browser webpage on Internet, support online flash play.It support both ARM and X86 CPU devices, and can render flash files locally, faster than any other cloud-based player.You just need to open the file browser and choose a SWF or FLV file on SD card, then game or video will be played.[FEATURES]1. Support Android 4.0 to 7.0 Nougat2. Support both ARM and X86 CPU devices3. Support Gamepad(Joystick and Virtual Buttons)4. Support Video Controller 5. Support Browser WebPage which contains flash with GamePad6. Support Background color, Orientation settings7. Support Drag & Drop for flash game, enable it at Settings page manually8. Support Powerful file browser9. Support History10. Support Custom flash area size 11. No Need install any other pluginsPlease vote 5 stars(★★★★★) and post some comments, if you enjoy our app.

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