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Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

  • APP : Shopify Point of Sale (POS)
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Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

Shopify Point of Sale (POS) iconoShopify POS makes selling at retail stores, pop-ups, or marketing/fairs a breeze with all the benefits of being fully-integrated with everywhere you sell online. All of your inventory, customers, sales, and payouts are synced, eliminating the need to manage multiple systems to run your business. Accept payments with low rates, no hidden fees, and get fast payouts. CHECKOUT’S BEST FRIEND • With a fully mobile POS your staff can help customers and checkout anywhere in the store or by the curb • Securely accept all major credit cards, debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash • Process all credit cards at the same low rate with no hidden fees with Shopify Payments  • Automatically apply the correct sales tax at checkout based on your store’s location • Collect customer contacts with SMS and email receipts • Create discounts and promo codes that span your ecommerce and retail business • Scan product barcode labels with the camera on your phone or tablet • Connect essential retail hardware peripherals like barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, and moreMAKE THE SALE EVERY TIME—FROM IN STORE TO ONLINE • Build shopping carts and send undecided shoppers an email to remind them of their in-store favorites so they can buy online • Track all pickup orders and notify customers when they’re readyTURN ONE-TIME CUSTOMERS INTO LIFETIME FANS • Easily exchange and return items purchased online or at other locations • Create fully-synced customer profiles so staff can give every customer a personal shopping experience with quick access to notes, lifetime spend, and order history • Add loyalty apps to your POS to reward customers for shopping with you, both in-store and online • Create personalized marketing campaigns via email and social media in your Shopify adminSIMPLIFY • Manage one product catalogue and sync inventory so it’s available for online and in-person selling • Create staff login PINs to secure access • Adapt to growing trends in your business with unified analytics that blend in-store and online sales in your Shopify admin“It’s impossible to think of retail as separate. You have to be able to bring the physical into the digital, and the digital into the physical…this idea of unified retail is the future.”Juliana Di Simone, TokyobikeQuestions?We’d love to learn more about your business and how we can help. Visit: 1-888-678-9481

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