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S-PaSS iconoThe Safe, Swift, and Smart Travel Management System or S-PaSS facilitates travel among provinces and cities within the Philippines. S-PaSS is a one-stop-shop application and communication platform for travelers and the local government units (LGUs)Check for travel policies and requirements set by different LGUsDigitally check for LGU travel policies and requirements first before arranging your travel. Enter the name of your destination and view all information needed to make your travel safe and smooth. Register for an accountRegister for an account using your own personal mobile number. Once registered, you can start to apply for travel permits. Apply for a travel permitThere are two (2) types of travel permits in S-PaSS, namely, Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) and Travel Pass-through Permit (TPP). The TCP is needed when you are traveling to LGUs that have a restricted travel policy. This permit is subject to the review and approval of the destination LGU. The TPP can be used when you are traveling to LGUs that have an unrestricted travel policy. This permit is self-generated and not approved by the destination LGU.Monitor approval of your travel permitAll travel permit applications, their details, and their status are displayed on your account. The destination LGU that reviews the application can also provide feedback about your application in case of errors or incomplete requirements.Access and store your travel permit to be used during travelOnce approved, you can access and store your travel permit on your smartphone. You can also choose to print the document on paper. The approved travel permit will be presented to appropriate authorities in airports, seaports, and terminals.

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