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  • APP : Print on Paperang
  • Requisitos : Android
  • Desarrollador : Home
  • Categoría : Fotografía

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Print on Paperang

Print on Paperang iconoNo internet required. Print easy as "share". Print service plugin.For portable thermal photoprinter Paperang p1 & p2.The first desire arises at the sight of this small portable printer to take a photo. With this application you can easily do it.Speak or type text entries. Favorite entertainment of my 8 year old children is to dictate a fairy tale and let it read to each other.The application makes it easy to print from other applications. For example, "children's coloring." Using the "share" function, you can print a picture and paint it with real pencils.My application, unlike the official application from the manufacturer, does not require an internet connection, it is focused on providing simple printing from any programs. Adds the ability to print from document editors and Internet browsers.

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