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Notas iconoNotas es una aplicación de notas rápidas, simple y minimalista que te encantara entre más la uses. Crea comparte y personaliza las notas como tu quieras.Ahora con soporte Markdown:Énfasis, aka bold, con *Hola mundo*.Énfasis, aka italics, con _esto es importante_.Tachado usando dos tildes. ~Tachado.~Comparte tus notas con tus amigo de: Facebook, Twitter yWhatsApp2020 Update:The cloud backup will be deactivated in January 2020, only the backup option on your phone will remain. I am grateful for the donations you have given me, but I cannot be constantly updating this application, this does not mean that it will not be updated again, only the backup in the cloud and the help in the email ([email protected]) will not be available. In the next few weeks I will update the help section of the official website (, where you will find tutorials on basic things such as: lost password, restore deleted notes, change note colors, etc. Thank you for your attention, I hope to return to work on this application soon to add many new things. Do not forget to leave a comment or opinion. Thank you!I made a simple wordpress page to post some tutorials, please go to if you need some help:

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