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Memory Hacker

Memory Hacker iconoNEW FEATURE:• The new update introduces a "fill in the blanks" generator which automatically generates unlimited questions of whatever you're trying to memorize. It uses cloze deletion to effectively help you test yourself, improving your memory in the process.• Simply click on the "fill in the blanks" option to use the feature.By memorizing with Memory Hacker, you can:• Form powerful memories that you will never forget.• Learn a new language like French, Spanish, German, English, Mandarin and more. Use Memory Hacker to memorize grammatical rules or to enhance your vocabulary.• Ace your tests by programming your mind with Memory Hacker to study and remember your topics effectively.• Learn programming by familiarizing yourself with concepts.• Master math by familiarizing yourself with formulas, times tables and more.• Memorize important or fun facts and definitions.• Revise a topic quickly before an interview.• Enhance your memory and push your human limits.• Memorize whatever you want!Memory Hacker works effectively using proven scientific techniques such as:• Spaced repetition• Spacing effect • Associative memory formation• Visualization• Color association… and more. Simply save whatever you wish to memorize and the app will take care of the rest! Use Memory Hacker to memorize stuff both long-term and short-term. If you're in a hurry, use the quick memorization option.The lightweight dark UX/UI is easy and intuitive to use while being easy on the eyes for longer periods of viewing.Memory Hacker will always be free.

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