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GPS Camera

GPS Camera iconoGPS Camera – Location on Photo app will help you to print location details on a photo while you take picture of a location or a person so that its easy for you to remember the location forever. Have you ever forgotten a place in a photo? Have you ever forgotten a location in a photo? GPS Camera – Location on Photo app can solve this problem. GPS Camera – Location on Photo app combined with GPS information (including latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy), time, and comments. It can leave a message, and put all information together into a photograph. When you browse the photos, you can quickly know their location and their further’s very simple to use GPS Camera – Location on Photo app, when GPS Camera start, GPS information including latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, time, and comments will be displayed on the camera preview. You can check the location/coordination before camera capture. Also you can choose different location information templates from with different placements of location information and different font style templates of location information. It will give you a beautiful look to the picture. While using GPS Camera – Location on Photo app you can use both front and back cameras to take pictures, you can use flash and zoom too. You have all camera controls to take a perfect picture with location information. Now you will never forget where you took the picture by seeing gps location values on the picture. It’s easy to capture pictures with gps coordinates on the picture. GPS Camera – Location on Photo app is free to use and work 100% offline mode. You can save and share location information pictures via social media.

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