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BLW Meals

BLW Meals iconoThis application is designed to help parents, educate them and guide them on how to start solids with their babies through the baby-led weaning (BLW) method.In this app you will find:- A detailed guide on how to begin and do Baby-led Weaning- Photos, videos & tips on how to cut and prepare food in the safest form possible- 300+ delicious recipes suitable from 6 months+ and for the whole family to enjoy- Diary with baby's first foods checklist and notes- Daily updates with new content!Recipes: delicious, easy and quick to make- 300 recipes made by nutritionists and Dieticians- Use our filters to find the perfect recipe- Perfect for babies, children and of course, adults!- You can search for specific ingredients, save your favorites, and even make notes!- It's the best cookbook you could have :)Meal plan: For all ages, made by Dieticians- 6 months- 7 to 8 months- 9 to 11 months – 1 year + familyChecklist: baby's first foods checklist- A checklist where you can track your baby’s foods and take notes- Perfect for keeping track when you introduce the top allergensFood: see photos, videos, how to cut, prepare and practical tips- Fruits- Vegetables and legumes- Grains and Roots- Animal protein-Milk and milk products- Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruits-SpicesNotes-You can write down everything you want- Shopping list, questions for the pediatrician, favorite recipes and more. Quiz-A food quiz where you can test your knowledge and learnGuide: a step by step how to do BLW-What is BLW?-Signs of gagging or choking-When to start?-How to start?-What food to offer and how?-How to deal with the mess?-How to convince the support network?-How to deal with the risks of a food allergy?-Dangerous foods-What about the milk (formula/breastfeeding)?-What's a good meal routine?-How do I offer liquids out of a cup?-How do I introduce utensils?-What changes with the pincer grasp?-How to handle picky eaters?-SOS they don't want to eat!-Other common questionsFor any questions, message on our Instagram @BlwMealsApp!

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