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App Store iconoLooking for a great new way to explore the best applications for Android? Then this "app store your play store – ios style" is right option for you. "Indian App Store – Indian Play Store App" is the largest smartphone market with more than a million applications for Android.This "app store: all in one app" is a perfect alternative to the marketplace for other apps. While most other apps merely redirect or connect to the store, "App Store IOS Style – Apps Store Market" offers top charts and a quest only for an app to help you explore apps in a different way.CHARTS OF CATEGORY"App Store For Android" helps you to search the best apps, top apps, trends and grossing in the Apps market by category, in the "My App Store Your Play Store: Apps Market", selection of apps from the App Store pro or the Play Store pro for each category of apps.CHARTS OF Selection"All in one app store – your play store app" helps you to search the best Apps, top Apps, trends and grossing by Selection in the Apps market, you can find in the Apps Market, collection of apps from the App store pro or the play store pro for each Apps Collection.TOP FREE Applications "Apps store – game store app market" in the Play Store PRO provides a selection of the latest and top free apps.TOP Paying Applications TOP PAIDA list of the best and top paying apps in the PRO play store is also given by "Indian app store". Users can discover the cost of the game and you can download paid games for free if it is free for a limited time. The Dream Mobile Market also offers details about the apps on the market.TOP Apps for TRENDING & GROSSINGIn the "Indian play store – app store your play store", provides a list of trending apps in the app market and top grossing apps.SearchingHave you ever decided to only check for games without apps? Then, as this involves a deep search for the market for android games only, this app is great for you. Our game store business makes it much easier to find your perfect game.Games FilterFilter games based on number of downloads, ranking of critics, number of reviews, purchasing in-apps. You may also look for searches based on popularity or importance.Every week, the games market is updated. So don't forget to checkout the current week's latest free, premium, trending, grossing games.App Key features:● The App Manager● App search● Withdraw APK● App to Uninstall● App Update● Specifics of the In App Scale● Path Storage● Date Installation● Date Change● Specifics of Memory● Descriptions of the Kit● the App Scope● App Demand for Games Store● Talk / Discuss the appOur app is speed optimized. Searching for and browsing the games market is fast. Best of all, it's free of charge. It has a simple GUI that is clean.If you are searching for a similar app store, but just for games. Checkout our other app that is only designed for Android users.Thank you for downloading and using this app.

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