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Skateboard tricks

Skateboard tricks iconoSkateboarding is definitely the best street sport and I'm very happy to have you in the sk8 community. This application is the best place to get started whether you're a beginner or you have some experience and want to extend your skillset in order to be a better skateboarder. Skateboarding isn't hard to learn at all if you put effort into practicing you will definitely see the progress. The aim of the Skateboard tricks application is to guide you through several tricks, reveal the small but much more important details behind the tricks and shorten the learning curve. You will find step by step video tutorials from the best skateboarders. Skateboard tricks allows you to collect and bookmark your favorite tricks, also encourage you to challenge yourself with the TrickRoulette feature. No matter where you're or how good you're at skateboarding, you will get endless ideas to have fun alone or with the other riders. Who is this app for: * Beginner skateboarders, * Expert skateboarders,* Good skateboarders,* Bad skateboarders,* Skateboard gods Features:★ 3 Trick categories: Flatground, Mini ramp, Ledge★ Trick roulette: Just spin the wheel and challenge yourself or your buddies when you are at the skatepark or just skating in the streets.★ Do you have an improvement idea? Great! Use the Send feedback feature to notify us and we will make the best out of it.★ Favorite tricks: You can mark and collect your favorite skateboard tricks and even challenge yourself from them via TrickRoulette★ Easy to use ★ Can be used in offline mode★ Adorable graphics★ Suitable for all ages

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