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Pregnancy, Baby Care, Diet & Yoga Tips for Women

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Pregnancy, Baby Care, Diet & Yoga Tips for Women

Pregnancy, Baby Care, Diet & Yoga Tips for Women iconoOnline consultations from Qualified doctors. Baby Indian is the most trusted pregnancy and new mother care app based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy system of Indian medicine. Enjoy the natural and non-chemical way of lifestyle for great health and happiness during your pregnancy and motherhood. Pregnant women can expect to get advise on Pregnancy Diet plan, pregnancy tips for normal delivery, Pregnancy yoga and Exercises for Fitness, Pregnancy Nutrition, Pregnancy Symptoms Tracker, Pregnancy Affirmation, health Symptoms tracker, What to eat, What to avoid, Home remediesNew Mothers can benefit Baby development tracker, Baby Massage, Baby care tips, Baby Food Recipes, Baby Milestones, Breast feeding tips, Mother Diet plan, Home Remedies, Newborn baby care, Baby vaccination, Baby brain development activities, Yoga exercises for mother, Parenting Tips, Postnatal Yoga, Women health tracker, Mothers self-care, Indian ParentingDaily Yoga regime – Prepare your body for delivery and back to shape The poses are carefully selected based on your health issues. These are simple poses that would activate the required hormonal glands in your body. There are some special poses for pregnant and new mothers also. These poses stimulate the working of various organs of your body to keep with optimum health.Intimacy – Tips that make your husband love and care you moreWork load, Pregnancy and parenting should never let you down in maintaining your intimate relationship with your husband. Get plenty of daily advises to keep the spark going and build strong bond with. Weekly Diet Plan – Food is natural medicine. Use it Eat right food according to our body type. Appropriate nutrition is what you need to take care on daily basis to keep fit. Our diet plan provides enough nutrients required for your baby and you during each month of your pregnancy and baby growth. Follow the Diet plan based on your health conditions and preferences. Know what to eat and avoid for your health symptoms. Symptoms Tracker – Record your vitals and 250+ symptoms Pregnancy and lactation causes lot of hormonal changes. Every symptom is a clue to the changes happening in your body. A good record of your symptoms helps your doctor to properly assess your health condition and improves the medical advice. Apart from tracking your vitals and symptoms, get to know pregnancy and lactation safe home remedies and diet changes based on your symptoms.Daily Self-Care Tips – Simple to follow tips for healthy lifestyle Caring for yourself is important for a healthy life. A couple of minutes every day, spent exclusively for your self is the best way to make small changes that nourish your body and mind.Journey – Save your baby’s picturesParenting is more than delivering and bringing up a baby. It is all about creating and saving your mood swings, activities you did to take care of yourself & your baby and a lot more awesome moments to remember and share. BabyIndian app lets you store all your pregnancy and baby milestones on Journey. It is your baby’s first virtual album! Parenting has never been so thrilling!This app provides lot of useful information and timely suggestions for Indian pregnant and new mothers. Follow the advice of qualified doctors and enjoy healthy and happy motherhood.Face book: the App Now!

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