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Child Device Timer / Monitor

  • APP : Child Device Timer / Monitor
  • Requisitos : Android
  • Desarrollador : Home
  • Categoría : Ser padres

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Child Device Timer / Monitor

Child Device Timer / Monitor iconoThe Child Device Timer app is the perfect tool to monitor and set limits on electronics usage and so easy to set! It is so simple, parents can set a "play" duration timer (game/use timer) and password, then any child using the phone or tablet is free to play until the time is up! Your child can access any game on the phone/tablet for the duration you set, then the chosen password must be re-entered to unlock for continued play/use. This makes sharing between children simple and fair and capping play time easy.To Use: Click on the Kid Phone Timer app, enter the time and choose a password. Then click the start button. Once the time you set has expired, the Time Up! screen pops up and the password must be re-entered to clear the message.This app was created to avoid fights over gaming and responsibly limit "digital" fun. Gone are the days of "OK, just a minute…" or "I'm almost done…" or "Just one more round dad!" this app solves the problem.

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