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Bit Guardian Parental Control – For Kids

  • APP : Bit Guardian Parental Control – For Kids
  • Requisitos : Android
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  • Categoría : Ser padres

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Bit Guardian Parental Control – For Kids

Bit Guardian Parental Control - For Kids iconoPlaying a key role of a ‘security guardian’ in raising today’s digital generation, Bit Guardian Parental Control App for Kids offers an additional layer of online protection for kids, safety is ensured.The monitoring app to be installed on your child's device is FREE as you have purchased Bit Guardian Parental Control for Parents. ★Parental Control app’s features · App Block(child app locker): The parent can monitor the app you are using, and block inappropriate apps. · App Install Block: To keep kids safe online, the parent may prevent you from downloading new apps from Play Store.· Kiosk Mode: You can have a customized home screen with limited apps.· Time Schedule: You may have screen time control for various app categories. Acting as a child lock, only the SOS works during bedtime.· App Time Limit: Another way to control screen time is by limiting extra hours for device usage.★Real-world safety features · Panic and SOS: This app being a child GPS tracker, you can send a panic alert to the parent device with current location by pressing SOS button.· Geofence & Speed (Child Location Tracker): To ensure the online safety of kids, GPS location is used. With this child GPS tracker, parents can set virtual boundaries and speed limits on your vehicles. The app sends instant alert on crossing geofence or exceeding speed limits on a parent device. Note 1: Smooth functioning of GPS requires – both Internet and GPS switched ‘ON’, and stable device location on Google Maps.★Unique features of Parental Control· Calls: Working as a call blocker, it allows parents to restrict all or selected contacts on your phone.· Anti-Theft: The app works as a location tracker by locating your device on the map in case of loss or theft. The parent can remotely ring your phone even in the silent mode and apply factory reset to restore default settings.· Note 2: To perform a factory data reset, Device Administrator permission for Bit Guardian Parental Control is needed.To set up Bit Guardian Kid’s Dashboard:Install the app on a child’s device.Agree on the term and conditions.Login either by scanning the QR code from parent’s device or use the parent’s credential.Grant permissions, allow Bit Guardian access of location, phone and contacts; and enable ‘Parental Control by Bit Guardian’ for kids.Insert the Data Protection Password, entered while setting up the parental dashboard for end to end encryption, and add the kids.Children can press the SOS button from their dashboard in an emergency.Bit Guardian Parental Control for Kids has a companion app – Bit Guardian Parental Control for Parents, which you should install on a parent’s device.Other important app notesNote 3:App uses Accessibility permission on the kid’s device with parental consent to prevent a kid from uninstalling the app and to ensure the smooth functioning of the app blocker, app install block and time schedule. Need help uninstalling? Visit the link 4: Allowing Auto-start permission ensures the smooth running of the safe kids app without ceasing parental control app’s functions.Note 5:This online child security app keeps the kid’s data encrypted with a Data Protection Password (DPP), which is not stored on our servers. Only the parent can decrypt kid’s data with the correct DPP.Note 6: The app requires overlay permission on the kid’s device to ensure that the kid doesn’t uninstall the app or access blocked apps.Note7: App requires DND permission on the child’s device to generate uninterrupted Ring Alerts under the Anti-Theft Feature.

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