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Avast Family Shield – parental control

  • APP : Avast Family Shield – parental control
  • Requisitos : Android
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Avast Family Shield – parental control

Avast Family Shield - parental control iconoAvast Family Shield is a parental assistance app that gives you complete parental control over your child’s mobile devices so you can keep your child safe and help them reach their full potential. Keep your child safe with these 5 key features:✔ Content filter Worried about your child accessing unwanted websites such as “social media” or “gambling”? With content filter, you can approve or block apps before your child is able to install them.✔ Phone locator Using a private map, find your child’s phone in real-time using a GPS tracker. ✔ GPS location alertsKeep track of your child’s location by receiving automatic alerts whenever your child leaves or arrives at certain locations, including home, work, or school. ✔ Internet control With the ability to pause internet access at any time, you can make sure your child isn’t surfing the web after bedtime. ✔ Phone statusCheck the battery status of your child’s device to help keep them connected.HOW DOES AVAST FAMILY SHIELD WORK?To connect your child’s mobile device to your own, you must first download Avast Family Shield app onto your device and Avast Family Shield Companion app onto your child’s device. You will then follow a few simple onboarding instructions to complete the setup process. Once Avast Family Shield Companion is activated, you will be able to manage apps your child can use, view their location using phone locator, pause internet use, and get location alerts so you’ll know where your child is at all times. Smartphones are a big part of today’s digital world, and you shouldn’t have to worry about giving one to your child. Setting up Avast Family Shield allows you to monitor your child’s online activity, in addition to other important family matters. ***Avast Family Shield is currently in BETA. If you encounter any issues with this app, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]***Common parental concerns that Avast Family Shield addresses:Did they arrive home from school safely?Quickly view your child’s current location on a private map with the help of phone locator. Are they using inappropriate apps?Easily block an app that you don’t want your child to have access to. If you change your mind, you can unblock the app whenever you want. Are they browsing the internet at school?Stop internet access on your child’s device so he or she won’t get distracted while at school. Are they exposed to inappropriate web content?Block websites that you feel are inappropriate for you child. They aren’t responding, did something happen?View your child’s phone status and check their device’s battery life.

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